This blog is about all of Dragon that we are like, this also contain all everything need to know as the dragon's fans. Dragon is the myth from Asian and some Europa but view of them dislike it. Dragon can draw with the perception of strength, brave and wise. So May this blog can make you are happy.

Kamis, 17 Desember 2009


I know the dragon fruits are when I was in college school. I know this form and there are some srengget-srengget from it's fruit until maybe because of that this fruit called dragon fruit. This dragon fruit as I know have some useful, benefit and function. And among it's benefit is able to make cholesterol down and for balancing sugar control. You can try it, although I haven't try it.

Jumat, 11 Desember 2009


Mushu Dragon is the dragon of Mulan that this dragon wants to keep Mulan forever as it's partner. I those films and I like it.

Mountain Dragon Lizard

The Mountain dragon Lizard is the only member of the widespread dragon family to occur in Tasmania. Most dragons have coarse scales, long limbs and tails, and lay eggs. Mountain Dragon Lizard makes an excellent starter lizard. They stay small, are very docile, have minimal care requirements, and are very hardy. They are arboreal lizards that can be seen hanging out for most of the day, sleeping on their climbing branches. Don't be surprised if you sometimes have to reach in and prod your horned mountain dragon just to see if it's still alive! Horned mountain dragons will rarely leave their favorite perch except to get a drink, defecate, or eat. They are very docile and tolerate handling very well...once removed from the cage and placed on a shoulder, a horned mountain dragon will probably not move from that spot. Except maybe to climb on top of your head body.

Dragon Mountain-Dragon Mountain

The meaning of mountain dragon is the dragon that stay in the roof or around mountain this mountain is taken as it's place. Like the second picture of mountain dragon is showing dragon that out from it's egg in mountain.

Dragon-Wushu Dragon T-Shirt

This Dragon Wushu was the good logo in the wushu. Wushu not only for T-Shirt that is the Dragon Wushu T-Shirt can often use with the red color as the model of it, but also can be shoes or other cloths. But according to me, that T-Shirt, Shoes, and others are suitable and good to be used.

Jumat, 04 Desember 2009

Dragon Egg-Dragon Egg

I always draw dragons, and I either always put some eggs around the dragon. Because I think dragon has egg as I ever saw some pictures when I was child. And now I find some images of dragon eggs.

Sabtu, 28 November 2009

Dragon Age-Dragon Age

The Story of Dragon-Age bioware is renowned for the sweeping stories, deep characters, and profound characterization found with their RPGs. That fact is why this title is such a surprise! Bioware has dubbed this the spiritual successor to Baldur's Gate, but they couldn't be further from the truth if the truth was stapled to a rocket and blasted into a black hole. Yes, Bioware lies.
They promised something about a battle with something called the dark prawns, and something involving a lite bright. Or something like that. But instead of evil shell-fish creatures and a child's toy that you lose all the pieces to because your cousins didn't know how to use it properly but they just had to play with it because your parents made you share, you get a 'game' that is light on story, and heavy on. Suffice to say, there isn't a story. When I said 'light on story', I meant 'No story at all'. It's a paper-doll dressing 'game', though I'm hard-pressed to use the word 'game'. I'll go into more detail in the gameplay section, but the story is just non-existant. Notepad has a better story.

Dragon Lion-Dragon Lion


The Lion-dragons or Dragon-Lions are normally found in the dryer regions of the world, such as open plains, grasslands, scrub, and the edges of arid deserts and the like. They will also lair in broken badlands, using their powerful wings to fly to more hospitable areas to hunt. They will eat most any animal smaller than themselves, and are known to prey upon antelope, cattle, small elephants, horses, and even other predatory species, such as lions, hyenas, and even crocodiles. They lair in small family groups, usually a mated pair, and tend to hunt together, with one lion-dragon driving a desired prey item into the teeth and claws of another.


Dragon and Tiger and Named by Yin and Yang

Best Dragon Yin and Yang that I ever see all time, this is also named bay dragon and tiger and in the Shaolin temple this is logo and many people there want to get this logo on their hands because getting Yin-Yang dragon logo that man can be called strong man because of having this Dragon-Tiger logo is very difficult and much need many time, skill, energy and smart. And this is the usual of Shaolin temple people.

Dragon Tiger-Dragon Tiger



Gold Dragon-Tiger

Ying-Yang Dragon-Tiger

Dragon-Tiger has many meanings of legendary between in China and Japan. Both of those countries are believing that dragon and tiger are the symbol-one in balance.

Selasa, 24 November 2009

Cool Dragon-Cool Dragon

Talking about "Cool Dragon", I think every dragons are cool if they are drawn well and given the cool character not only using es or blue color but instead of their body.

Eastern Dragon-Eastern Dragon

The Eastern dragon has long been a potent symbol of auspicious power in folklore and art. This Eastern Dragon is DAZ 3D’s rendition of the Oriental Imperial dragons, which legend says resides in water and brings good luck and wealth. It's highly detailed and extremely versatile, with endless possibilities for your 3D renders and well to look it at.

Sabtu, 21 November 2009

Ancient Dragon-Ancient Dragon

The Ancient dragon is a creature of legend and fable, found in many civilizations but is most notable in Chinese, Japan and Welsh folklore where they are revered and held in high esteem. The English Patron Saint, George, on the other hand killed off the last of the English dragons in the dark ages and all living relatives migrated to the other side of Offa’s Dyke where they think that the ancient dragon would be safe.

Welsh Dragon-Welsh Dragon

The Welsh Dragon is sould be right picture because they are also using red colors although there is some Welsh Dragon that not use this color. And to say that people born in Wales that are Welsh dragon tattoo designs and are born the year of the dragon have a natural charisma and are certainly gifted with power and luck. It is unlikely for them to escape unnoticed from a party or to take second place in a competition. The Welsh Dragon person has an active mind and shows an unfeigned interest in the world around him/her. This person is also self-confident enough to know how to create a necessary impression. And those are because of they are larger than life themselves, Welsh Dragon people like to do everything on a grand scale in their life.

Draconian Dragon-Draconian Dragon

Those are some "Draconian of Dragon" those looks as if it might once have flown around Castillo that has been found in a garage in Oxford-shire. I see them look more scream.