This blog is about all of Dragon that we are like, this also contain all everything need to know as the dragon's fans. Dragon is the myth from Asian and some Europa but view of them dislike it. Dragon can draw with the perception of strength, brave and wise. So May this blog can make you are happy.

Kamis, 18 Februari 2010



Dragons' Den is a venture-capitalist television programmed that originated in Japan where the format is owned by Sony and partially Microsoft and Taimoor see at those pictures. And the format, which is now broadcast internationally, consists of entrepreneurs pitching their ideas in order to secure investment finance from business experts — the "Dragons".



Dragons are have breathing of fire that is used to destroy all it's enemy. You can imagine your-self for the pictures above. How they can used their mouth and nous to have breathing fire. It is very usual for the dragon. I remember when I look at the Cobra_snake it is able to out it is poison from it's mouth. Maybe the dragon also like this.

Sabtu, 13 Februari 2010


Dragon Goggles Logo

Dragon_Goggles_ Logo-Name


Kind of Dragon_Goggles





Dragon_Goggles that the pictures I put above are eventually used by biker, the logo of Dragon_Goggles is perfect as the dragon basically. The Dragon_Goggles are very useful. You can ry it. It can make your eyes well and kept them from something can disturb our eyes.