This blog is about all of Dragon that we are like, this also contain all everything need to know as the dragon's fans. Dragon is the myth from Asian and some Europa but view of them dislike it. Dragon can draw with the perception of strength, brave and wise. So May this blog can make you are happy.

Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

Cute Dragon Pictures

I very like with somethings cute, I also like the dragon. So if I find the cute dragon I am very glad and happy. Those pictures or images above are the cute dragon that I love. Because I often draw the dragon but it was big dragon. And for this time I would like to draw the cute dragon.

Dragon Viking

Dragon Viking
Dragon Viking


Rabu, 24 Maret 2010

Beautiful Dragon-Heart Wallpaper

Those are beautiful dragon hearth that can you use as the Wallpaper in your computer. I think all of those are the good chooice to be wallpaper on your desktop.

Dragon-heart Draco

I like this dragon-heart-draco because of the character and theanimation of this dragon heart draco is look like original and like live.

Dragon-heart a new beginning

I was amazing when a movie of Dragon-Heart was successful and the producers are making a sequel, they must face the fact that their movie will be compared to the first one. Usually, with some skills a sequel can be quite interesting but sometime they just screw up. Drake from the Dragonheart - A New Beginning movie simply do not reach the same nobility Draco inspired and the bathroom humor will most likely make some wonder about what the writers were thinking. The film was definitely made for a younger audience. A lot of people than take on this movie film are not every of them have myth. I saw only the man that have the better myth to destroy the dragon-heart but destiny is not say like that.

Dragon chidori from Sasuke vs Itachi

I saw when Sasuke use the last of his power to fight with his older brother, Itachi and Sasuke was using chidori from the rain and then appear the light dragon chidori from sky to attack Itachi, but Itachi was not gotten by it.

Jumat, 19 Maret 2010



I show this movie of Naruto Shippuden when Deidara_Akatsuki_With_C2_Dragon that want to get Sasuke die. But Sasuke is not the man that can be killed as easy as taking Ghara. Deidara thought that Sasuke will die with his C2 Dragon bom but it was not like that even Sasuke can kill Deidara althought with hard doing.


Monkey D. Dragon

This man is called Dragon in the animation film in Piece that I always show it in my TV. Monkey D. Dragon (commonly known as Dragon) first appears after a lighting bolt suddenly destroys the gallows where Luffy was to be executed by Buggy The Clown, and then saved Luffy from being captured by Captian Smoker. When he saved Luffy from Smoker a mighty gust of eerie green wind swept through Loguetown arc. It is undetermined whether or not he was the cause behind the gust of wind or the lighting, however the story leads to believe there is more to him than it seems. Many fans believe he did indeed cause the unusual wind and that he may also be a Devil Fruit user (a Wind or Weather Logia or satan Fruit is a common suggestion), but neither of these has been confirmed so far in the story. He was revealed to be Luffy's father by Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, and his true name is Monkey D. Dragon.
Than D. Dragon left Luffy to be raised by his grandfather, whom he apparently keeps contact with. Luffy himself doesn't remember Dragon. In Loguetown, he expressed satisfaction of his son becoming a pirate. Monkey D. Dragon is the seventh character to possess the initial of D. Due to his extremely rare appearances in the series, his personality remains almost completely a mystery, save for an apparent love for freedom and belief in fate, which are traits of a D. Unlike other members of his family, or Ds, he looks stern and serious hard.

Rabu, 03 Maret 2010


The Dragon_Designs_Tattoo_Picture that can make some body being creaming because of those dragens are very cruel and can make some one being afraid. Also it just the picture of tattoo but it is very scream tattoo for human body specially for childhood.